LEANTON is a Construction Project Management Consulting company. We apply an adaptive and innovative approach in helping and advising our clients at every phase of Construction from Site Selection, Pre-Design, Design, Pre Construction, Construction to Close Out.

May 22, 2015

Recent Project

CBSK Ironstate-developed Pod Hotel is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the first modular construction of its kind serving the New York Hotel​ market. Designed by Garrison Architects the base structure including the cellar and the first floor will be constructed using standard construction methods. While the base structure is under construction the bedroom and corridor PODS will be simultaneously built in in modular format in Poland.

Once the lower floors are complete the modular PODs will arrive and the remaining floors namely the 2nd through 5th floors will be delivered and rigged into place in weeks compared to the months standard construction methods. While this system is approximately cost neutral on the initial capital expenditure the benefits lie in the time saved on the schedule which allows our client to begin to realize their investment alot faster. Should this project be a success it will change the direction of the construction industry where these systems can be used. LEANTON act as a design and code consultant and coordinator between the Polish and American teams.

  • Pod Hotel
  • Pod Hotel
  • Pod Hotel
  • Pod Hotel

Services LEANTON offer at a glance

We provide services to public, non-profit and commercial clients. Our industry expertise includes (but not limited to) Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Food, Beverage and Consumer Health, Energy, Commercial, Retail and Leisure, Infrastructure and Transport.


Few words about us

We are a dedicated and professional team of construction specialists. Our dedicated and experienced team have worked on numerous high-profile projects ranging in value from $1M to $1B for globally recognized clients.

Teams Previous Projects.

Our teams previous experience includes Tri-Dam Hydro Electric Power Station at Lake Tulloch, San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, Trans Bay Joint Authority Transit Center, Caltrans, BART, MUNI, AECOM, MWH, Disney, Sony Motion Pictures, Wells Fargo Towers, AAON Centre, Imphi Laboratories, Direct TV, New York-Presbyterian Hospital and NYU Langone Medical Center to name but a few.
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Why use LEANTON?

We are passionate about construction and helping you to reduce your costs and deliver your projects to specification without sacrificing quality.

  • We have a large pool of engineering expertise
  • We can help you achieve significant savings
  • No burden on your HR department when we increase/decrease the team size to match the workload
  • Customer satisfaction is a key feature of our service
  • Reduced administration for clients
  • Fast response, pull reporting and transparency at every phase of your project
  • We co-locate on your site or nearest office and augement your team as necessary - you do what you do best we do what we do

Clients Testimonials

  • LEANTON assisted Concern US from the outset of the project and were able to spot potential HVAC and design issues upfront, saving us a lot of money on potential change orders.

    By working on our behalf with the architect and general contractor, they gave us tremendous confidence and reassurance we would meet our aggressive timelines with limited scope creep and change orders.

    We would highly recommend the LEANTON team to any company or organization about to start a construction project or in the middle of their construction delivery.

    12 Jan 2016,   Kristen Packet, Vice President, Finance & Administration
    Concern Worldwide U.S., Inc.
  • LEANTON are the future of construction. Everything from their level of professionalism, their local expertise and their ability to harness the latest tech ensured our project was a roaring success. 

    25 June 2015,   Laura Charette